Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still awake

          Duhh, it's 4.59 a.m. and I still can't sleep well. It has been for a few days I got into this crazy pehenomenon. I can't remember what's the scientific term, maybe insomnia, diarrhea, bonia? Usually, Always, I'll end up sleeping in the next morning until noon. And, I have to delay my breakfast, so does my lunch. What's wrong with me? This can't happen forever and I need to control of this situation. 


This is what will happen when I wake up in the middle of the night : 

1) I'll dream of something (usually something that's very  possible impossible for me to get it, such as I can fly!)

2) I'll be signing in blogspot, facebook, twitter and also formspring. (althought the chatbox only have 18 people online, totally nothing that I can do)

3) I'll miss the wife-to-be routines like learning how to cook from ibu (you know, I'll wake up after/around Zuhur, so when do I can learn to cook if the lunch is already on the table when I wake up?)

And for tonight, I dream of food. Nyumnyumnyum...But, it's not typical food, it's Korean. Haha. Weird right? Okay, why did I say normal weird when it comes to korean thing? Firstly, I don't like Kpop, I just watched this one drama called Smile Again because of my cousin. She's a die hard fan of Kpop, and when I was at her house, she would be watching this over and over again everyday. Secondly, I rarely eat Korean food, the second time, I repeat the SECOND time so far, I ate Korean food was at Mid Valley 2 days ago. It was Saba Tuna _____. What is it eh? Ahh, nvm, I'll show you 

This is grilled saba (tuna) and it is eaten with rice, plain soup, kimchi and potato galette. 
Now what's potato galette?

Tadaaa! This is what potato galette. 

* But, my dish was simple, without those decorations and there was no chicken.
It was just plain potato, only in small  amount. Hehe. 
I got this picture from Google lahh, don't blame me I didn't take a picture of the real galette but this is sort of like it to erase all the question marks on your head asking "what's galette?".


NO, this is not the food, but Smile Again drama. ngee..
Everyday Mon-Fri, at 7.23 p.m only on KBS World (channel 391)

p/s : I'm still dreaming to eat the kimchi. I can't sleep!! :( 

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