Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you joking with me Mark?

Gooodddd! I'm so damn fucking mad right now with facebook. I feel like I want to complain to Mark, why the hell I can't got to Sounds like an idiot huh? Who cares? When you're mad, you don't even think very deep and logically when you want to do something. When I typed in at the saearch engine, it appears as..

Oops! Google Chrome could not find

Try reloading: www.­facebook.­com

Additional suggestions: Access a cached copy of www.­facebook.­com

What the hell is going on? I'm thinking and thinking and I think the reasons it becomes like this is because of..

1) Virus, damn you virus senders/virus inventors. Since a few days ago,  I've received lots of links on fb, "check out who's viewing your profile, " Check out this, check out that...blablabla". And all of them were sent by my friends via fb chatbox and events. So, I thought it really works as my friends sent them to me ( okay okay, I know I was such a dumbass to believe that, I mean who the hell has actually proven to me that this thing is REAL? I want to see proofs with my own naked eyes! ) 

2) I didn't shut down the laptop. Look, actually I did intend to do so, but I had mistakenly clicked on 'Restart' instead 'Shut down'. I was sleepy so I didn't want to waste any more second. It was nearly 3 am. Plus, I got to wake up early today because I have to babysit Imran. I have to prepare his meals and clothes before he goes to school at 12. So, where were we? Hmmm...Oh yes! I didn't shut down the laptop, so it was on until it shut down by itself when it ran out of energy (I only switched off the charger, hehe still saves energy maaaa..) 

3)  What could it be?? Hmmm.....maybe because I have downloaded so many songs that contain viruses. But all these while, I haven't encounter any problems signing into fb even though I've downloaded hundreds of songs.

4) Iluminati. Okay now people come closer to my blog, come here, come here..This is very serious and I want to whisper something to your ears..Last two days, I have downloaded Lady Gaga's, Madonna's and Rihanna's songs (don't worry they aren't the controversial songs like Alejandro/Telephone/Lady marmalade) But, I kept on repeating this one song from Madonna called Frozen. This is my favourite song since 1998. In the video clip, you can see Madonna changes herself into a black dog which resembles demon as she sings "Give yourself to hold the key" and also, "If I could melt your heart, we'll never be apart"  Everything was in black. There was a crow, a black horse, a black dog and herself but she appears to be three of herself. So,when I think back, maybe this is the pay back from Allah to me, for listening to such songs. When she sings "Give yourself to me, you hold the key", it is actually a song from the demon to her, not from her to the demon. You get what I mean right? Well, this is just my opinion, based on my understanding. 

Dear Allah my Lord, please forgive me..Amiinn...

Now, just take a look at the video, and try to understand the whole meaning of it.

I want to continue sleeping because I'm still sleepy and I got only 1 hour 30 mins left. Bye people. take care. 


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