Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ehem ehem, * testing testing

          Tadaaa, it's still morning yaww and I can't believe I was awake as early as 11. Did I say 11 is early? HAHA. For me, I can sleep until evening, so don't be like "omg", "astaghfirullah, anak dara..", "lambatnyaaaaa...." This is me, dara or not dara, still the same old lazy me. HAHA

         Anyway, now it's the best time to online. Idk why since a few days ago, the internet conection is super super fast! It's weird. Really really weird. Last night, I was going to download some songs at Frostwire. And I was like "Nahh, download later" because I thought the connection was slow. But, hell yeah, I have downloaded nearly 20 songs in just 5 mins. Man, I'm head over heels! Finally, I don't have to wait for hours to wait for onw page to appear. This is so Magic ! Like what B.O.B said "I got the magic in me, magic magic magic!" :D

         But, something terrible happened. Aiyaaa! How can I forgot about the L driving licence that I supposed to renew today? My tutor wanted me to send him a fax after I have renewed my L, but I forgot to give it to mummy. Damn! Lesson learnt today, act as early as you can before you miss the chance. THE EARLIEST BIRD CATCHES THE WORM, FARAH! What a bad day for me today! This morning, I got a text message from Ropi (my tutor) "Jangan lupe call saya bile dah fax selewat-lewatnya pkol 12" Gahhhh!! Stress stress stresss! So, the easiest yet the most stupid way to avoid this problem is, take out your phone battery and smile and keep on onlining. Hihi. Bad me! (kids, please don't try this at home) Have you ever heard of DWYLLWYD? (err, is this right?) DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

hey, wanna know me? I'm 18 and I'm lonely. Don't worry, ignore the hair, I'm friendly

* this is how I look right now. Cute right? :)

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