Thursday, April 21, 2011

EduCamp, yes/no?

          I'm now barely breathing. Phew, April April April, the busiest month of the year. Lots of things to do especially for interviews. I had JPA on last week and next week on Monday, it's gonna be educamp at UTP. But, for these weekends, I have something serious to do with Hilmy and I can't postpone it because I have planned it since 2 weeks ago. But the problem is, I got the offer for UTP admission last night. But, I won't do anything to change what I've planned with Hilmy on this weekends. Haih..why you didn't tell me earlier UTP????? Why why??

           I was confused whether to say no/yes. I am excited but I don't like last minute preparation. For JPA, I had 6 full days to prepare myself. I was not rushing for anything else, so I just focused for JPA only. But now, I need to do something with Hilmy and then I'll be rushing from KL to Perak for a very very very important interview. So, I just have 1 and a half day left to prepare myself. OH GOD!

  SURAT JEMPUTAN RASMI - EDUCAMP 2011   Tarikh: 21/04/2011                                                                                                                        Ref no:416
Kad Pengenalan / Pasport::  930409105280
Jantina:  Perempuan
Sesi EDUCAMP::  25 April 2011
Masa::  8.00 pagi
Tempat::  Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Perak
Status::  BERJAYA              
Pengesahan::  TERIMA
  1. Keputusan panggilan ke UTP EDUCAMP 2011 bagi permohonan kemasukan Mei 2011 ke UTP bagi pelajar lepasan SPM 2010 telah diumumkan.
  2. Pemohon-pemohon yang telah memohon, sila semak status permohonan anda dilaman web ini bermula dari 15 April 2011 sehingga 21 April 2011.
  3. Sila pastikan anda mengingati Kad Pengenalan / Pasport anda untuk mengakses kembali sistem ini.
  4. Pengesahan dan pembetulan hendaklah dilakukan sebelum 21 April 2011.
  5. Pemohon-pemohon dikehendaki memuat turun panduan EDUCAMP 2011. Dapatkan panduan Educamp 2011 untuk SEMENANJUNG / SABAH / SARAWAK.
  6. Sila cetak halaman ini sebagai bukti panggilan ke UTP EDUCAMP 2011.
  7. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan berkenaan UTP EDUCAMP 2011,sila hubungi pegawai-pegawai kami di talian 05-368 8156 / 8407 / 8345 / 8359 / 8153 / 8406 pada waktu pejabat dari jam 9.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang, Isnin hingga Jumaat.

           Finally I said yes to UTP, like the old malay saying goes "Rezeki jangan ditolak, maut jangan dicari". So, I'll take it! This is what life's all about, this is only the beginning of your path and it's part of your challenges. Later, I'll realize that there will be more challenges for me especially when it comes to campus life.

           So, whoever reads this post right now, do pray for me ok? I'm not trying to be greedy here but I don't know yet the result for JPA. But, you know, when you do something good for anybody else, you will get something good in return too. InsyaAllah...only God knows the best for you! Don't expect too much but appreciate what we have. Always think that there are thousands or maybe millions of other people who dream to have a life like YOU do!

Take care, thanks for reading...

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