Monday, April 25, 2011

UTP interview (not scholarships)

I just came back from Tronoh. Okay, just get to the main point here, I want to share with you about my experience during the interview.

In the schedule, we should be there at 8 am for registration, there were a lot of people and the line was very very long. Then, you'll be given a card with a name tag. During the registration, you just need to give the UTP offer form, and you need to write your name on the card.

the front part

The back part (actually you should write it at the front part)

So, when you're done, just get inside the hall and listen to whatever talk it is, just don't sleep especially when it comes to the interview part. Be alert! The talk was nearly 2 and a half hours. Before that, you have to know which group you are and when is your interview session. There were 5 groups of A,B,C,D,E. Group A and B session was in the morning and the others are in the evening. Mine was B36, so mine was in the morning. After that, all the interviewees for group A and B would go to Block B first while the other groups can stay with their families outside the mosque. Food and drinks were provided and they could wait under the tent for nearly 2 hours. We didn't have to bring any documents, just a pen and a notebook, that's all. Btw, buses were provided to take us to the Block B. 

While waiting for Group A to finish, I waited with the others in the waiting room, I did nothing but only chatting and listening to music. And guess what, a miracle happened when I met my old primary schoolmate and neighbour there. It was really unbelievable because only a few days ago, I thought about her and today explains everything. 

Then, we were called by the officer to go into the 2nd waiting room where there were tables with some A4 papers on it. I just sat where ever I like so I decided to take the first table for "Panel 1". Don't think that  the first panel will be the first group to go for the interview. NO! It doesn't matter at all, the most importantly make sure that each panel has both boys and girls. Then, each one will be given a study case. Actually the study case is same for everyone, which was traffic jam. Since there were 5 persons for each panel, so the study cases are divided into 5 letters A,B,C,D (all of these are purple) and A (white), making a total of 5 sheets of papers. I got Study case C 

We were needed to read the informations from A to Z and then brainstormed our own ideas for 30 minutes. So, we were prohibited to discuss anything. When the time was up, we stopped writing and listened to the officer's instructions carefully as he was going to announce which panel would go first. He picked 3 random panels which were Panel 1, Panel 3 and Panel 6 first. But, we couldn't just enter the interview room, we had to wait in the 3rd waiting room for Group A to finish first. 

And lastly, the interview session started with individual first. Don't worry if you can't find the room of your panel because you can always ask the officers there, they are friendly. This session of individual interview is considered done when all of the 5 members of each panel has done it. Then, here comes the last session, the most important session where confidence level determines everything besides your communication skills. There are 5 seats and you need to sit according to your number. I mean mine was C so I should take the 3rd seat. This time, you'll have a group discussion. Each one of you have to voice out your own opinion, an advice  from me, just state 1 opinion and elaborate it but not too long. After everyone has finished, then the discussion session starts because the group has to come up with the most preferred recommendation as a conclusion complete with the elaboration of ideas. 

1. Dress well, follow the dressing etiquette that is stated in the form.

2. Prepare a notebook and a pen. 

3. Make sure that you rehearse on what to speak because sometimes when you want to speak, you don't know where to start right? And that's when you'll stutter. As for me, I prepared for the 'About me' session where the interviewers will ask you to tell about yourself, family, academic achievements as well as co-curricular. When I rehearse a few times, I can remember what points should I mention first so I can speak fluently 

4. Relax. That's what I learnt today. Just now, during the group discussion, I wanted to say Nagasaki instead I said Nagashima, xp silly silly me. But, it's okay, at least the discussion was not really tense. :D

5. Smile to everyone. 

6. Don't be selfish, help each other if there's anyone who does not know the word to use, you can interrupt sometimes but not always and only during an emergency. Interrupting gives a very bad reflection of yourself. Let other people to speak too, this shows that you're a great leader because you concern about anybody else

So, that's all I can say about UTP interview. If there's any question, you can ask me. xx

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