Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FELDA interview.

Hello and assalamualaikum to muslims, I'm not going to write anything very long. I just want to create something that is short and simple yet can be universally understood. hehe.

Last two days, on 3rd May, I had a FELDA interview at The Zon Hotel, Basically that was the most grand/grandest interview I've ever had. The interview rooms were situated next to each other. First, you have to register in one of the rooms. Then, you'll be given a sticker which you'll have to write your name and the group number. For me, I wrote FARAH AMALINA, A-8. Take your seat and get to know t=with others, be relax. Then, there will be a verbal critical ____ test ( I can't remember the name). In this test, you have to read some short paragraphs but honestly, the questions are too many for 25 mins. So, manage your time well so that you'll be able to complete all of them.

Next, there will be a 5 mins toilet break, then comes the mathematics test. This is when you need a calculator, there are 35 questions for 35 mins. The questions is based on graphs and tables, more to statistics but at higher level. After that, you'll be called for the group discussion. Before that, you'll be divided randomly according to the name list. Wait for your turn. When it's your turn, you have to go to the second room. You just need to tell about yourself and your family background. After that, sit in a group of 4/5 at the table and have a discussion. Pick a topic that all of you have agreed. Discuss in 10 mins and present it on the board. That's all :)

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