Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy birthday, HIlmy

Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, Hilmy Hakim bin Hamzah. Finally both of us are legally 18 and it's time to get married thank you for the phone call this morning, but I'm sorry for not wishing you earlier. Firstly, I fell asleep too early last night and when I woke up, your wall was already filled with others' wall posts. I'm sooo sad. Secondly, you were not the 1st person to wish on my birthday, so I guess it's fair for me not too be the first to wish too. I was very very frustrated, and when it comes to your birthday, the bad memory just came back. That's why I'm not in the good mood until now, that explains why gave such an annoying response when you called me this morning. 

Maybe I liked some wall posts at your wall and I commented on them, but that doesn't mean I totally forgot what you did on 9th April. Im was right, you should be the first one to wish. I'm not being desperate and demanding for it, but it actually shows how much you value and remember me when I think about you everyday. You might say that being the first is not important but for a girl, it truly matters. It's a very big deal.

Again, sorry sorry. The bad memory is still in my mind. Bye.

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