Saturday, June 12, 2010

last day of the wedding (must read!)

today is a very tiring day that i have been sleeping for hours in the car without realising that it broke down on the way to our home.hahaha.thank god everyone is ok :)

the wedding was damn GRAND! i loveee it soo much and i hope mine will be BETTER than that.i met my relatives,very very long-time-no-see ones and even new relatives.ohh how i miss them all especially iffah, kak dina,amal,kak ngah and aisyah.

the best thing, i was the flowergirl! yayyy,it was my first experience to be a flowergirl and this has proven that i have grown up :) LOL. but, there were still pros and cons. the pros, i met a lot of people and i got the chance to walk beside the bride. weee~ the cons, the old women couldn't stop babbling here and there.
they panicked a lot. pfffttt~

i swept the floor,arranging the dining table and made some ice creams for tonight. when my mood is good, everything will be perfect! i am not a lazy daughter but actually i just don't like to show my 'skills' yet.

i helped mommy to make the steak's gravy."no salt, just yoghurt" that was what mommy said to me. hahaha, good practice of diet i guess and and thank you mommy for understanding that i am a real yoghurt monster :D

add math project work still on the way to go....

pen off~

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