Monday, June 14, 2010

happy 5 months annie :) (a contribution to hilmy hakim)

    sayang sorry for the prank just now, seriously i did not expect at all that u would believe it 100%.and fyi, i did not plan it. hahaha. remember that u texted me in the evening and i was like "damn, i miss u sooo much!" and all the thoughts about our future wedding and the trip to singapore came popping out of my mind.

    at the same time, i remembered about spm. fyi, my uncle and i were online before he went to bangi. i browsed for "tarikh spm 2010" in the internet. it will start on 22nd Nov until 16th Dec. mannn, my family has a plan to go to Tawau as Kak Naili's husband is a Sabahan. so, this is just a trip to meet our new family members.

    i thinked about our trip to singapore after spm. i texted "we need to discuss" to you.we textextextextextexted as usual but when u asked, "why?" i was damn lazzyyyy enough to explain to you about kak naili's husband....blablabla. so i said "sbb i nak kahwin". haha!

    seriously, i couldn't believe that you would believe first, ur brain was rational enough to think that it was all "60s" joke but when i twisted the plot, i think ur brain was like a twisted marshmallow too. LOL. i am sooo sorry matter what i think that was soooo cute! <3

     hey, it did not make sense at all! how can i get married straight away after the last spm paper? and and my husband is actually a Sabahan? ohh gosh,step on my head please....:P you acted like it was the end of the world. you called but i only answered the third one when i was having my dinner at Santai in Rawang instead of Rasta in TTDI.hahaha!

     and fyi, aiman does not exist. my dad is on pahang right now. and there is no uncle roslan at all. they were the great imaginary actors created by farah amalina's great brains. :D i called you to clear up everything (actually i missed you soo much at that time). but, you did not answer. so, i started to feel guilty and panicked if you were going to do anything negative.

     minutes later, u called me and i was like "phewww,thank god you are safe". but, i continued my "folklore" story. i asked "u kat mne?" then u said "dalam toilet".hahaha! no wonder u did not answer my calls. u were crying right? haha,but still u DENIED it. :P alolololo..the way u talked, ur voice proved to me that u are sincere in loving a girl and that girl wants you to know that she loves you so much!

we talked only for a few minutes when aliff suddenly threw a bomb to my castle in the air. hahaha! i hope you know what i mean..then my mum.arghhhh! u promised to call me back at 12+ a.m. and here i am...still waitinggggggggggggg and my heart is still beatingggggg <3

**i celebrate my victory by having new coloured nails but this time it's soft pink :)

the great pranker,


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